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Is your Student Information System holding you back?

Maybe it’s time to implement a new generation SIS that streamlines processes, frees up resources, and improves productivity so you can spend more time with students.

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Maplewood connectEd

Is it time for a change?
Introducing Maplewood’s next generation SIS.

Support Excellence

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User Resources

Find answers with our  documentationhow-to videos, and  customer collaboration site. For more in-depth help arrange custom training.

Cloud Hosting

Canada based 24-7 connectivity  Hosting Solution. We'll help integrate and manage your hosting solution.

What we do

Canadian schools need a trusted partner who understands Canada's people, processes, culture, and the enormous opportunity and challenge associated with the changing landscape in education.

Our integrated Student Information System is built on over 30 years of progressive development from school administrator feedback across Canada.

Our cost-effective SIS is the foundation for a student-centered service that enables success for all students by supporting the student-teacher learning relationship.

Maplewood offers a truly Canadian product developed to satisfy the unique needs of Canadian schools.

Check out our products and services to help run your school more efficiently.

  • Over 2,000 schools across Canada using Maplewood to run their schools.
  • Over 1,200 schools take advantage of Maplewood’s Data Hosting service. Maplewood servers are in Ontario, Canada and are connected to the Orion network, and through CANARIE to CommunityNet in Saskatchewan, and SuperNet in Alberta.
  • A product that seamlessly meets all of the needs of schools in the provinces where we have schools.

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