Maplewood connectEd

Maplewood connectEd

Introducing Maplewood’s Next Generation SIS

The latest technological update to our SIS re-writes the user interface to create a fully responsive web application. Maplewood connectEd will have a unique user experience for school office staff, board/division staff, teachers, students, and their parents/guardians. Depending on the area of Maplewood connectEd, there may be slight variations for different provinces or jurisdictions, and differences for grade levels.

Time For A Change?

If you work in the education business, you know what a Student Information System (SIS) is, and you know how critical it is to the smooth operation of a school. When Maplewood first started in 1980 to solve an attendance problem at a school of 1.450 students, the software written for a Commodore PET provided student records, attendance, report cards, year-end roll over, and lots of printouts. As you jump ahead to present day student information systems, things have changed so much, and SISs have grown in functionality and complexity.

Full Featured Applications Can Be Easy To Learn

People are naturally resistant to change. Change means learning something new. What if learning something new was easy? Maplewood connectEd reorganized the entire SIS to make it easier. Using Material design’s card component, functionality is presented on cards with text to help you decide what you want to do.

Icons are used extensively, and the user can hover over them for ‘hint text’. Prominent actions may appear as colourful Floating Action Buttons (FABs). Easily understood language is used in dialogues, and steppers (wizards) are used where appropriate, to help guide the process. Data is organized into clearly labelled cards with the appropriate icons in the card’s app bar. Users are encouraged to take visual clues to find shortcuts (e.g. click/tap the address to get a menu to edit or map the address). Even things like determining whether or not a student has fulfilled all their graduation requirements are made simple. Things just make sense!

And if needed, the Help icon is always there to take you directly to detailed information about that section of the application. If you need some extra assistance and want to get some advice from us, our support staff is the best in the industry. Check out our testimonial page.

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Any SIS Can Simply Maintain An Overabundance Of Data Fields

The key indicator is how those fields are organized, how those fields are checked for validity on data entry, and how accurately those fields are reported. Fields in Maplewood connectEd have business logic built into the software to make sure the information is entered correctly the first time, well before it is used in any reports. A good SIS provider does this work so that all schools in your province can benefit from this work. Any SIS that simply provides functionality that allows you to create the business logic is requiring more work for your already stretched IT resources. Maplewood has a very strong working relationship with your provincial ministry reporting centres. We know your government reporting business rules, so let us do that work.

For best viewing results, use the settings icon to change the quality to 1080p HD and watch it in full screen

Keeping Up With Changes Is The Biggest Challenge For Any SIS Provider.

If your SIS isn’t keeping up, then you can’t do your job, you can’t easily do your government reporting, you can’t easily report to your stakeholders, and your funding may be at risk. When these reports must be done, the effort is transferred from the SIS to your school and board/division staff. Maplewood connectEd does this reporting so you don’t have to. Since its inception, if there was something that could be done by the SIS, every effort was made to include that functionality.

Transfer Of Data To Maplewood connectEd Is Effortless

We have lots of experience transferring data from your existing SIS (Powerschool, SIRS, School Logic, Trillium), and we use that expertise to actually do the transfer. We do the work, including centralizing tables to ensure consistency across the schools. You just need to examine your data in Maplewood connectEd, tell us what needs to change, and then we repeat until you are happy. Transferring data is not an easy job, but it is a job that we do very well.

Transfer data

Keeping Up With Technology Shouldn’t Mean A Complete SIS Replacement

Sadly, many schools have had to implement a completely new SIS, with completely different business processes, simply because their SIS was discontinued, and you had no choice but to move to their newly acquired SIS. The newly acquired SIS will get old someday too, again wasting precious school resources.

Over the decades, Maplewood clients have migrated to new technologies, whether it be a change from a proprietary database format to an enterprise MS SQL database, or a move from a Windows interface to a Web interface. It’s all done in stages, and with each transition, Maplewood does all the work so that your resources don’t have to. With each change, improvements are made, new functionality is added, and the impact to the user is minimized.

Keep up with technology

Google’s Material Design Principles

Maplewood connectEd has taken advantage of all the research and design standards developed by Google’s Material Design. They have design standards for everything from colour, icons, fonts, writing styles, layout, tabs, buttons, fields, tables, their animated floating action buttons (FABs), and so much more.

By using Material Design standards, you will find the application is intuitive and follows many web design standards that you will likely already be familiar with.

Google Material

Responsive Web Design

Maplewood connectEd is a responsive web application. There are so many different screen sizes in use today, from tablets, desktops, and TVs to varying mobile screen sizes and “wearables”. Responsive web applications respond to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using. The layout of the application changes based on the size of the device. Some devices do not yet have a practical use at this time for Maplewood connectEd. For example, even though a wearable device has not been specifically designed for anything at this time, if there is a practical use in the future, the foundation will be ready.

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Material Design has taken into account many design aspects that make an application user accessible. Since Material Design uses a primary colour and an accent colour, as you change your theme colours, the application automatically responds by adjusting text colours from white to black depending upon the contrast ratio between the text colour and its background.

As well, touch targets such as buttons, icons, menu options, etc. allow users with lower motor dexterity, and those who aren’t able to see the screen, to tap on the correct targets. The built in extra padding ensures that the application is accessible for all users.

For best viewing results, use the settings icon to change the quality to 1080p HD and watch it in full screen

Today’s Students Can Be Enrolled In Multiple Schools

Is Your SIS Giving You The Whole Picture?

Every student in the board/division is stored in one common database, as a single person. Each student may be actively enrolled in multiple schools, with each school having full control over the school specific data such as entry/exit dates to that school, class information, attendance, achievement, notes, locker info, etc. One school is considered the Maplewood record owner and only that school may edit student specific data such as the student’s name, birthdate, address, contacts, student numbers.

Today’s students are often taking classes in multiple schools simultaneously. Depending upon security rights, a school can see the student’s information recorded at another school. If a student is enrolled in 2 schools, and those 2 schools have the same semester/term/day/period setup, the software will provide a blended view of the timetable, clearly distinguishing those classes taught at another school. These other classes are even visible when editing the student’s timetable so you can’t create a conflict!

Concurrent enrolment

Can An SIS Improve Your Job?
Yes it can!

Let Maplewood show you how. Just email sales or call toll-free 800-265-3482.

Maplewood is a company that chooses to be great rather than big, passing up the “growth at all costs” mentality, in favour of a set of different practices and characteristics such as being great at what we do, creating a great place to work, and providing great customer service. Maplewood is a unique company in today’s world and we look forward to working with you.

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