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Data Mining Views that you already have

» Archive Achievement Schedule

Used to return the archived class schedule by school year, term, semester, day of cycle and period.

» Choices Summary

Pulls the data required for Choice selection, containing the following: School, Course Code, Course Title, Grade, Credit Value, type of course i.e. University, college, Academic, Applied etc, number of students choosing the course, and any other fields you deem necessary.

» Grade 10 Literacy Ontario

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inclusion of courses from transcript for grade 9/10 English (ENG), grade 9 Geography (GCG), and grade 9 Science (SNC) are based on course code and not category.

» Classes Days Taught

This contains the a total number of days for each class based on the on the schedules.

» Courses

A view for Current and scheduling courses. This view contains: School Short Name, Courses Code, Required for Trancripts - yes or no, Title, Title Same as Code - yes or no, Language - Eng or Fre, Weight, Exclude from OnSIS - yes or no, Show in Online Choices - yes or no, Department, then Code Detail info, Grade, Credit Value, Categories, SHSM Categories, SHSM Program Association, Course Type, Dual credits course type, Delivery.

» Homerooms Occupancy

Occupancy by Grade - if the homeroom is a split homeroom i.e. grade 1 and 2 split, include the occupancy total for each grade in the homeroom. TY and NY and TY only students in the occupancy total. Fields returned: School, Homeroom Designation, Homeroom number, Occupany by Grade, Homeroom Teacher.

» Period Attendance Code Totals

We would like to have an Attendance View created but not sure what fields would be necessary to create it and whether or not we are looking at a Pivot Table to view the final outcome. What we would like is to see is a summary Attendance Code totals by School, by period, by Month.

» School Board Wide Assessment

This view includes all the School/Board Wide Assessment

» Transcript Substitutions

Substitution transcripts for all students

» Archive Achievement

View containing archive achievement with the following columns:

School Year

School Short Name
Student name

Student number
Ministry Number

Class code
Class section

Topic/sub topic

Mark Last modified

» Archive Attendance Equivalent Full Day Totals

A common view returning equivalent full day attendance values from archive attendance

» Classes Ontario Base

New base view for classes Ontario views for both current and scheduling

» Codes Standardization

A view to be used for the analysis of possible issues during the centralization of codes.

» Connect Ed Student ON

Report needs to include the following data:

School Short Name
Student Status
Usual Name
Con Ed Student Type
Home School - Short name
Home School Attendance Type
Home School SAL Attendance Type

» Current Student Status

Please create a view that returns: Only Current students - all statuses. TY and NY, TY Only, NY Only and deleted. School name, OEN, Student Surname, Student Given Name, Gender, Grade and MW student status in text i.e. This Year and Next Year, This Year Only etc.

» French Immersion Report All ON

New base view for French Immersion Report which only excludes past students

» Grade 9 Math Ontario

Math View Contains these fields in this order... School Name, OEN, Surname, Usual Name, Current Grade, Grade 6 EQAO Reading, Grade 6 EQAO Math, Grade 9 Math Course (MFM1P or MPM1D), Grade 9 Math Final Mark, Grade 9 EQAO Math, Literacy Status, IEP (Yes/No), IEP with: field, Support Services, Exceptionality 1. Use IEP, IEP with: fields for MW 5.5

» SAL Students ON

Please create a SAL data mining view the includes the following fields in this order: School, OEN, MW Status title, Student's Surname, Student's Usual name, Date of Birth, current Age, Grade, FTE, SAL Attendance Type title, SAL Status (ie 1st school year in SAL), SAL Start Date, SAL End Date, SAL Exit Type, SAL Plan Components Title, SAL Components Start Date, SAL Components End Date.

» Secondary Class Attendance ON

Secondary attendance report - includes students active to end of semester. The report is set to display semester 1 and 2 but I would want to be able to run it for either a single semester or for the year.

» Special Ed Student Exceptionalities

Student's Exceptionalities

» Student Custom Fields

Add common view to return all custom list and text fields for all students

» Student Homerooms

Would it be possible to create a view that includes the student OEN, Next Year's Homeroom Designation and Next Year's Homeroom Teacher? We would like to create a lookup for parents of elementary students where the parent can enter the student's OEN and they would know the student's homeroom and teacher for the upcoming school year.

» Student SHSM ON

Please provide a sql View script to list SHSM data from Maplewood Enterprise as attached template.

» Student Transportation List ON

Please help to develop a new view of all student list for Transportation use.

» Transcript Substitutions Current ON

Substitution transcripts for current students only

» Classes Ontario

No Description

» Classes Ontario Scheduling

Create a view identical to Classes Ontario but for scheduling classes. Containing...School Name, Mident Number, Class_Code, Section_Letter, Course Title, Department, Semester/Term Pattern, Period Pattern, Type of Course, Dual Credit Course Type, Dual Credit Assoc. Type, Delivery, Credit Value, Language, Reportable Flag, Teacher Surname, Teacher Given Name, Alternate Teacher Surname, Alternate Teacher Given Name, Occupany

» French Immersion Report ON

New view required with french immersion information. View should include,

Student Name (Surname, Given name)
School Mident
School Name
French Immersion Program
Month (based on internal transfers)

» French Immersion Report Scheduling ON

New French Immersion Report for students who are returning next year

» Pathway Ontario

No Description

» Transcripts

View for displaying transcript information

» Transcripts ON

Secondary students with transcript courses between a specific date range - in this case 09/03/2013 - 02/10/2014 Specifically looking for number of students with earned credits for courses with a 6th character of R or I (letter) If the view also includes course type then can use it for other inquiries as well.

» Leaver Report Ontario

Leaver report for Ontario including the following fields:
School Number
School Name
School Short Name
OEN no hyphen
Entry Date
Given Name
Legal Surname
Age in Years
Home phone contact lives with
Home phone Father
Home phone Mother
Given name lives with
Given Name Father
Given Name Mother
Community Hours
First Diploma
Accumulated Credits
Diploma Date
Defined Characters
Spec Ed program field

» Elementary Average Ontario

Student average for each school year (Ontario). Note achievement must be in the Maplewood Enterprise archive tables populated using the Archive Attendance and Achievement option.

NOTE: letter grades are mapped to the following values

A+ = 96
A = 90
A- = 84
B+ = 78
B = 75
B- = 72
C+ = 68
C = 65
C- = 62
D+ = 58
D = 55
D- = 52
R = 39

School Year
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