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Archived Information Sessions
Are you using your Maplewood to its fullest potential?  What other tips and tricks lie behind the software that could make your job easier and more time efficient?  Recognizing the limited time and resources that our schools and divisions encounter, Maplewood is pleased to offer these free mini-information sessions. 

*ID and Password information is the same as you use to access the Manuals. Please contact Maplewood if you don't know the ID and Password.


Add New Students: Tips, Tricks and Traps - MP4
Customizing your Calendar - August 24, 2015 - MP4
Edit Timetable Features - MP4
Enterprise Inquiry - MP4 | PPTX
Incident Tracking - MP4
Introduction to Accounts - MP4
Lockers - MP4
Maplewood connectEd for Parents and Students - MP4
Semester End and Start- MP4 | PPTX
Special Education Tab - Its New Look! - MP4 | PPTX
Year End Check List (things to do before your schools leave for the summer) - MP4


Optimizing Mark Parameters (Office) - MP4
Maplewood connectEd Markbook - MP4
What's New In 5.8 For Non-Markbook Users - MP4
What's New In 5.8 For Markbook Users - MP4
Maplewood's Curriculum Tool - MP4
Ontario Report Cards (Progress) - MP4
Ontario Secondary Report Cards - MP4

Transcript Changes And Exceptions - MP4


Elementary Teacher Attendance - MP4
Secondary Techer Attendance - MP4
Optimize Elementary Attendance and Reporting - MP4
Optimize Secondary Attendance and Reporting - MP4

Central Office

School Wide Assessment (Recording/Importing Standard Prov. Test Results) - MP4
Code Centralization - Ontario - MP4
Code Centralization - Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchwan - MP4
Maplewood connectEd Central Office - MP4

Maplewood connectEd Library

Maplewood connectEd Library - MP4, WMV


Asset Management - MP4
Updating Transcripts - MP4


Saskatchewan Jurisdictional Reporting - MP4
RADAR Advanced Reporting: Configuring Reports - MP4
Report Builder for Report Cards - MP4
Ministry Sessions: Manitoba - MP4
Enterprise Report Builder - MP4
Accounts Reports - MP4
Enrolment Reports - MP4


Secondary Scheduling Enhancements & Master Builder - MP4
Elementary Scheduling - MP4
Elementary: Preparing for a New Year - MP4
Analyzing Course Selections - MP4
Master Builder Tips - MP4
Prepare for Scheduling - MP4 | PPTX

Exam Scheduling - MP4 | PPTX

Technical Sessions

Impact of Major Processes to Enterprise Database - WMV
Programming with Web Services - WMV
Centralization/Standardization of Data - WMV
April 11: Introduction to Web Services - WMV
April 4: Introduction to Enterprise Database - WMV

Manitoba schools are required to use the report card templates as provided by the Department. The report card templates (for illustration, not direct use) may be found at www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/assess/report_cards/index.html.

These 45 minute training sessions are designed to help you through the report card process. View Sessions

The Provincial Approach to Student Information is now a seamless extension to Maplewood, reducing the impact of the data exchange process, while providing significant improvements in day-to-day processes. View Sessions

Join us using Microsoft Live Meeting for live remote Maplewood Mondays sessions.

Find the answers you need. User ID and Password required. Contact Maplewood Support if you do not have access.

Browse our library of Technical Articles to find answers you need. If you don't find what you need, please contact Maplewood Support.


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