Integration Partners

Doing Great Things Together

Today’s school boards and districts need integrated, flexible, seamless solutions. Maplewood offers a wide range of robust and ever growing integration partners to guarantee that our customers will benefit from combined strategies to improve efficiency and functionality.

We offer simple, reliable, fully integrated solutions so the most basic to the most complex daily requirements can be completed efficiently. As customers, be assured that you will have the advantage of cutting edge integration through effective partnered solutions.

Special Education

Students may require special education programs and/or services to accommodate gifted, behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities. These partners provide assistant helping to design and manage these programs.


Providing educators with the tools they need to implement, collect, access and analyze information.

Cardinal Software

Software tools to give teachers and principals more time for special needs students.

PCG Education/IEP Engine

IEP Online provides a framework for developing data driven, consistent, compliant IEPs for students.

Data Warehouses

Data warehousing is the electronic storage of a large amount of information. Warehoused data must be stored in a manner that is secure, reliable, easy to retrieve and easy to manage. Stored current and historical data is used for creating analytical reports for workers throughout the school/board/division.

Paradigm Shift

District Planning - a comprehensive demographic, enrolment projection and development tracking system.

Compass for Success

Comprehensive technology solutions for teachers, schools and school boards.

PCG - Skopus

Our data warehousing solution, Skopus, can be found in districts across Canada today.

Planning, Enrolment Projections

Making the right decisions and avoiding costly capital mistakes is critical to the survival of school districts. This partner will assist in the pursuit of excellence in educational planning.

Baragar Systems

Custom Planning Software for School Districts Committed to Data-Driven Decision Making.

Classroom Assessment, Teacher Collaboration, School Portfolios

Working together to build capacity to use data to improve student achievement. Helping to understand how students learn, and improving learning outcomes.

Compass for Success

Comprehensive technology solutions for teachers, schools and school boards.


Servicing unique school district needs through Sharepoint.

Fresh Grade

Enabling Teachers. Engaging Parents. Empowering Students.


Incorporating learning management, data aggregation and real-time analytics.

Co-op, Experiential Learning

The objective of experiential learning (EL) is to provide an education that attends in some balanced manner to the student’s need to advance both knowledge acquisition and critical judgement; both thinking and acting; reflection and engagement; career development and informed citizenship; growth as an individual and greater connectivity with the larger community.


MTEL, the Management Tool for Experiential Learning.

Cardinal Software

Web-based application for the creation, printing and management of Personalized Placement Learning Plans.

Telephone Diallers

Telephone diallers provide notification for daily attendance, special announcements, and messages to parents, staff, and other groups within your division/district.

Synrevoice/School Messenger

SchoolConnects parent notification service quickly delivers daily attendance, special announcements, and school-wide messages.

Career Exploration Systems

Career planning programs engage students of all ages in the process of setting goals, managing course selections, recording activities and planing various pathways to meet the requirements for their desired career path.

Career Cruising

Provide learners with access to career planning, employers and workforce programs.


myBlueprint is the easiest way to plan your education and career.

Transportation Systems

School districts across the country face challenges of transporting students to and from school and extracurricular events. These software companies help ensure safe, efficient transportation.


Intuitive student transportation software applications.


School bus routing software solutions for any size district!


Intelligent Transportation Management Systems.


A Complete Student Transportation Management Solution.


Efficiency, reliability and user friendly features epitomize Transfinder's bus routing software.

School Budget, Online Payments

In an effort to reduce time, money and paper waste, parents of returning students can avoid the long lines of school start-up and pay their children’s school fees through a secure online website that is accessed through the school district’s website.


Innovative payment processing solutions for businesses like yours.

KEV Group

School Accounting and Online Payments.

Rycor - Acorn

Acorn is the ultimate school fee management solution for K-12 school districts.


Comprehensive technology solutions for teachers, schools and school boards.