OnSIS Utility Request

Maplewood understands your frustration in dealing with the volume of error details provided by OnSIS. Rather than printing the error details through OnSIS, Maplewood created a program that would process the OnSIS results file and generate a concise report of errors in a format that schools could understand.

This functionality is provided to all schools and boards using Maplewood as a fundamental part of our deep support of the OnSIS data exchange process. However, Maplewood seems to be the exception among the SIS systems in use in Ontario.

In March 2006, Maplewood offered this program to all Ontario schools as a free OnSIS Utility because it was clear that schools needed some way to manage the OnSIS errors and their student information system (SIS) did not yet provide a solution to this problem.

Eight years have passed since this utility was provided, and it appears that our competitors still have not offered this functionality in their systems. Boards using Maplewood expect us to deliver tools that go beyond the minimal requirements. This is what every school and board deserves, and this is what you should expect as well.

The last release of the free OnSIS Utility expired on October 15, 2014; subsequent releases of this utility will require a school license to use, at a nominal fee.

Now is the time to put some pressure on your current provider. If your SIS is not able to provide you with a solution, and this utility is a critical part of supporting OnSIS at your school or board, please let us know. Email us at inquiries@maplewood.com.

Schools using Maplewood do not need to download this utility as this functionality is built right into your existing OnSIS applications. The utility will identify the schools contained in the file, and give the flexibility to include/exclude individual schools from the reports. An individual error report can be created for each school. Since the reports include just the information needed to identify the problem, not the entire contents of the data submitted to OnSIS, the schools can easily identify the problem and correct it in their student management system. The reports are stored in PDF format, and can be easily distributed over the network or by email to the schools for viewing or printing with Adobe Acrobat.

Maplewood understands the complex reporting requirements for Ontario schools. SIS providers in Ontario must make substantial additions to their solutions in order to be compliant. The expertise required to understand and properly support these requirements takes years to build, and we strongly believe that we lead the effort in meeting these requirements. Maplewood is a company that has been in this market a long time, and has the people, products, and vision to ensure that we will be here to serve you long into the future. We are a different kind of company, with a strong emphasis on listening and responding to our customers’ needs. We would love the opportunity to show you how we can make a positive difference in the daily lives of the administrators, teachers, students, and parents in your community.