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Alberta PASI

Milestones of Maplewood's PASI Involvement

›  Maplewood involved since initial meeting in
   June, 2007

›  Responded to PASI RFI in April, 2008

›  Formally stated commitment in October,

›  Developed client to interact with PASI in
   May, 2009

›  Agreements with two pilot divisions in
   August, 2009

›  Maplewood's Enter New Student
   application successfully interacts with
   PASI site in April, 2010

›  Pilot Proposal on May 31, 2010

›  Maplewood selected as the sole PASI Pilot
   Vendor in June, 2010

›  Passed Initial Conformance Test in
   June/July, 2010

›  End-to-End User Acceptance Testing
   (Pilots) in July/August, 2010

›  Pilots live with PASI September 7, 2010

›  Passed all final UAT and Conformance
   testing in May, 2012

›  Maplewood now approved for full
   deployment to all clients


Take a look at our PASI information session video.

Click to view the PASI information session

Excerpt from PASI Director's Report March 15, 2013:

Maplewood Computing Ltd. (Stage 9.0 - in Production "Go Live" mode), has successfully completed all conformance testing, piloting and integration modifications. They are currently rolling out their PASI-integrated SIS to their school authority clients; to date five school authorities are using the Maplewood PASI-integrated SIS.


The Fort McMurray Roman Catholic Separate School District No 32 recently implemented the Maplewood PASI-enabled SIS product and offered the PASI team the following comments,  " ...the transition to PASI Live went very well and with relatively little work from our end. ...and in less than 5 days after the transition we are good to go." They further noted that, "The school staff likes the new features and the ability to bring in students already in the Ministry database and the new warning messages when entering new students. I can see right away that this will save countless hours of work in managing our Student Information System, especially in the critical months of August and September. "

Maplewood continues to lead the development and deployment of Alberta's new PASI initiative.

The Provincial Approach to Student Information  (PASI) is an initiative by Alberta's Ministry of Education to provide a mechanism for real-time data exchange, used to ease the process of data submission to the province.

This is a very exciting project that will benefit Alberta schools to an extent far greater than any others across the country. No other province has a data exchange process as tight as PASI. It is now a seamless extension to Maplewood, reducing the impact of the data exchange process, while providing significant improvements in day-to-day processes.

Any large initiative like this inevitably takes a significant amount of time and effort to develop and deploy, and requires complete commitment from any vendor who is to participate successfully. Maplewood has years of experience successfully working with other provinces on similar projects, and we knew from the outset that in order to complete the project properly, that we would need to be involved and proactive from the beginning. We have been working with the PASI team for over five years, and now Maplewood is the only PASI-Enabled Student Information System in production.

Every school in the province must be using a PASI-Enabled SIS by September, 2013. This means that every school must have implemented a PASI-Enabled SIS well before this time next year. Our pilots were using the system for over 18 months before signing off, including the entire year-end process and school opening. No other SIS system has even started pilots, so there will likely be significant challenges for these other systems to meet the deadlines. We are ensuring that we have all of our clients running live on PASI well before the greatest volume of implementations occurs next Spring.

Next Steps: Some Maplewood clients going live this Summer following June 30 submission Remaining clients expected to go live following the September 30 submission All Maplewood clients will be live on PASI well before the bulk of deployments in the province which must occur in the Spring of 2013 in order to meet the September 2013 deadline.

As for the benefits of using a PASI-enabled SIS, this is the feedback from our pilots:

"It was exciting to be a part of the PASI Integration pilot. The real-time access to PASI information makes the secretaries, principals and my job easier in many ways. With PASI integration, when entering a new student, the secretary can see right away if the student was enrolled at another school (past or present). The demographic information and some enrollment information can now be transferred from the previous school directly into Maplewood.

"No more waiting for new ASN's! When a new student is enrolled, the ASN is created right away. Our school secretaries and our transportation department love this new feature. The new ASN is imported directly into Maplewood so there are no errors in copying the information from one system to the other.

"For me, the best time saving feature of this integration is not having to export and import the September 30th and March 1st demographic and enrollment information from Maplewood to Edulink. Repeating this process was tedious and inefficient. Now with PASI integration, we enter the information into Maplewood and voila it is in PASI."

Micheline Murray, Administratrice SIS - SIS Administrator Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord - Greater North Central Francophone ER #2

"Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord is very pleased to have successfully completed the piloting of Phase I of the Maplewood-PASI integration. From the onset, our relationship with Maplewood has been very collaborative and productive. We greatly appreciate Maplewood’s commitment to developing the best possible interface. Their openness to our suggestions for improvement created an ambience of trust and respect."

Henri Lemire, Directeur general - Superintendant Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord - Greater North Central Francophone ER #2

The data that is exchanged through PASI currently includes demographic data and enrolment data. As the depth of the data collected through PASI increases, Maplewood will be adding more and more functionality to take full advantage of these improvements. The next stage includes final marks, and will allow the system to reconcile transcript data against the data in PASI in real time.

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