Setting Up Your Sample Reports for Printing

Saving the Report File

  1. Save the file making note of where you have saved it. 
  2. Windows Explorer, find the file and then double-click to unzip.
  3. Specify a location to save.
  4. Click the Unzip button.

Opening the Report in Report Builder for Staff

  1. Open Maplewood for Windows, and choose Reports, Report Builder, Reports for Printing, Staff
  2. Locate the Staff Timetables (Next Year) 14x8.5 report (from step 3 above).
  3. The report will appear on the screen. Use File, Printer Setup to select Landscape and 14 x 8.5 paper before printing the report.

The report is set up to print the teachers' next year's timetables (e.g. based on the information in the Scheduling area) not their current year's timetables.