Products and Services

Products and Services

Maplewood Computing Ltd. (Maplewood) has specialized in school administration software and services since 1980 and provides comprehensive solutions for schools, classrooms and district offices. There are now approximately 2,000 schools across Canada using Maplewood to run their schools, with over 1,200 schools now hosted on Maplewood servers in Ontario, Canada. Maplewood is able to deliver a quality product that seamlessly meets all of the needs of schools in the provinces where we have schools. Maplewood’s core business has always been its student information system, our expertise in this area is recognized not only by clients, but also by key personnel in various provincial Ministries/Departments of Education. When new provincial initiatives are introduced, Maplewood is consistently the first vendor to fulfill those requirements.


Maplewood connectEd is a web based Student Information System (SIS) designed specifically for Canadian schools to manage all aspects of student data. In addition to student data, Maplewood connectEd provides feature rich applications for use in the school and board/division offices, as well as the classroom. Maplewood’s goal is to simplify the processes needed to collect and manage the increasing amount of student and school information, and to share this information with all education stakeholders, including students and their parents/guardians.

Check out the Maplewood connectEd page, email sales or call toll-free (800) 265-3482 for more details.

Maplewood Library

In conjunction with Maplewood connectEd, the Library system provides a user-friendly, comprehensive method to manage all aspects of a school's library. Features include staff and student circulation, Public Access Catalogue, MARC and Library of Congress compatibility. The Library system is accessible to the librarian, administration and teachers. For more details please email sales or call toll-free (800) 265-3482.

Data Hosting: Predictability + Convenience + Security = Peace of mind

  •   Hosted customers can email hosting911  for off hours connection issues

  •   Reduced system administration costs, flat fee

  •   Quick implementation with high availability

  •   Frees up IT resources for other initiatives

  •   Scalability with load distribution

  •   Data servers in Ontario, Canada are connected to the Orion network, and through CANARIE to CommunityNet in Saskatchewan, and SuperNet in Alberta.

  •   SSL security

For more details please email sales or call toll-free (800) 265-3482.


Custom Report Solutions

We offer a wide range of custom report solutions to save you time and money, and will deliver the highest quality reports available. Our custom report developers can supplement your staff on a single project or as-needed.

Do-it-yourself Training

We can provide inhouse or on site training so your staff can create the perfect report for your organization.

For a no obligation estimate, please email sales or call toll-free (800) 265-3482.

Data Mining Subscription

Is your IT staff overwhelmed with complex reporting requirements?

  •   Maplewood's library of Views at your fingertips.

  •   Access to the SQL code saves valuable time and resources.

  •   Subscriptions include new fields - let us know what you need.

See the list of included Generic Standard Views (you may have additional custom ones)

Click to request views and fields

For more details please email sales or call toll-free (800) 265-3482.



Maplewood offers our customers a very flexible, cost effective and complete approach to training. Our facilitators commit to providing an inclusive, enjoyable and educational experience. The Maplewood training team is unique in that they are subject matter experts able to deliver the seminars in either official language. With extensive attention to details and commitment to providing an informative learning experience, our team has many years and situational learning to call upon. Seminars have been designed to be delivered using a variety of approaches and media to best serve the participants.

A typical on-site seminar day is seven hours in duration, and is priced for twelve participants unless otherwise arranged since it is a hands-on learning experience. Virtual training is available and is priced at an hourly fee. Seminar documentation is included with training and available in multiple formats. Contact us today to arrange for a fun information filled day of Maplewood Training.

Email or call toll-free (800) 265-3482, or locally (519) 471-3388 to arrange training.