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Maplewood Student Services
Maplewood continues to develop the cutting edge tools to help teachers, administrators and other educational staff build effective assessment plans. This is critical to satisfy a uniquely Canadian method of assessment.
Student Centred Services
Maplewood recognizes the critical inter-relationships between Students, Teachers and Learning, and their associated support networks.

Maplewood recognizes the critical inter-relationships between Students, Teachers and Learning, and their associated support networks. Maplewood connectEd provides web-based access for teachers, students, and parents. Students and parents can access real-time attendance and mark information, along with other information the school may want to share from the student information system and other applications used by the division.

Every Maplewood school license includes:

 •  Maplewood's student information system Maplewood Elementary/Maplewood Secondary
 •  Software that is customized to your specific province/territory, using local terminology
 •  Government reporting specific to your province/territory
 •  Maplewood Central Office for division office access to data and centralized tables and reports
 •  Web-based access for teachers, students, and parents through Maplewood connectEd
 •  Access for handheld devices
 •  Maplewood's ServicePlus* for software support and updates
 •  Data transfer from a former system into Maplewood

Optional services include:

 •  Data Hosting for financial predictability, convenience and security
 •  Data Mining to extract data without the need to understand the database design
 •  Integration Services to seamlessly connect the core student data with other applications
 •  Maplewood Library Maplewood's school-friendly reporting and query capabilities mean that access to data is not an expensive, IT-driven, and labour-intensive process. With Maplewood, as budgets are tightened, you will not be left with a system that you have no finances to maintain.

* first year of ServicePlus is included in the license cost

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To purchase Maplewood products please email Maplewood Sales or call toll-free 800.265.3482.

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Maplewood connectEd provides access to authenticated students, parents, teachers, librarians, and administrative staff. Demo
Learn more about Maplewood Data Mining Subscriptions

A Data Mining subscription gives you access to Maplewood's library of views for district use and modification.
Learn more about Maplewood Data Hosting

Hosting service is an easy and secure way to access school and district data.
  Maplewood Library

Worry-free Library Management - Maplewood connectEd Library is a cost-effective automated solution that works with Maplewood connectEd.


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