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Maplewood offers a full range of skills enhancement seminars designed to assist participants as they complete their own Maplewood Education.


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        Central Office Training

Central Office: Introduction - MWCINI

Recommended Participants:
Board personnel who will be supporting the end users.
Duration: Full Day
Level: Intermediate

Designed to give an overview of the Central Office, this seminar will focus on the three distinct components that comprise the Central Office: School, Board and Transaction Manager. The seminar will address the importance and procedures to ensure integral data coupled with the day-to-day functioning will be addressed. Specific Topics include: directory design, Transactions, Query Responses, Concurrent Students, Transaction Manager, Event Scheduler, Twins Report, Duplicate Student Numbers report, Student Correlate and board reporting.

Central Office: At the School Seminar - MWBCSI

Recommended Participants:
Representative from each School in the Board
Duration: Half Day
Level: Intermediate

This seminar addresses the changes that occur at the school level once a school board/district implement the Central Office. Areas to be specifically covered include: Processing Transactions, Enrolling New Students, Processing Query Responses, Concurrent Students and Integral data are covered. An overview of the Central Office, both as a concept and a reality at the school is discussed.

Central Office: At the Board Seminar - MWCCOB

Recommended Participants:
Board personnel who will be accessing the school data.
Duration: Half Day
Level: Beginner

This seminar covers the functionality of the Central Office at the board/division level. The seminar begins with an overview of the Central Office concept and the possibilities of this key Maplewood package. Specific topics include: the Student Record, Pre-defined Ministry Reports (i.e. Postal Code, October Report, IRIS), custom Reports through Inquiry, Sort and Report Builder.

Central Office: Transaction Manager - MWCTMA

Recommended Participants:
Board person(s) responsible for administering Central Office.
Duration: Half Day
Level: Advanced

The Transaction Manager is the hub component of the entire Central Office. It is through this application that all information is exchanged between the school and the board office. Designed to address both the Technical Set up and the steps required to ensure necessary integral data, this half-day seminar leaves participants prepared to begin the implementation process. Specific topics include: directory design, proxy settings, Event Scheduler, Twins Report, Duplicate Student Numbers report, Student Correlate and day-to-day operating protocol. Please note: participants must have network/technical knowledge.

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