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Maplewood offers a full range of skills enhancement seminars designed to assist participants as they complete their own Maplewood Education.


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Incident Tracking/Reporting - MWBIRB

Recommended Participants:
School Administrators, Guidance Counsellors, Student Services
Duration: Half Day
Level: Beginner

In an effort to allow the schools and boards more flexibility when recording and analyzing school behaviour, Maplewood Computing has designed Incident Tracking, which is integrated in the Administration system. Incident Tracking is an evolution of the Discipline Notes, and provides a more in-depth form of both recording and analyzing incidents as well as the ability to link multiple students involved with an incident. An in-depth look at recording as well as custom reporting of students' behaviour will take place during this informative seminar. The seminar is broken down into three areas: Incident Set up, Adding/Modifying Student Incidents and Reports.

Maplewood Library - MWBLIB

Recommended Participants:
Board personnel who will be accessing the school data.
Duration: Half Day
Level: Beginner

This seminar will examine the three major concepts of the Maplewood Library System; Catalogue, Inventory and Circulation. Participants will follow a book through the early stages of cataloguing through to the thrill of student/staff loans. Emphasis will be placed on the ease of establishing and maintaining a functioning integrated Library. Upon completion, participants will feel comfortable and confident when running the library and generating circulation reports and bar codes. Specific topics include: Library Parameters, Regenerate Indices, Circulation, Student/Staff loans, Library Reports, Print Lists with Bar Codes and finally an introduction to Report Builder both for Students and Library.

Maplewood Accounts/Fees - MWBFEB

Recommended Participants:
Personnel who will be accessing/recording financial transactions
Duration: Half Day
Level: Beginner

That extra binder with the list of which students owe for activity fees is no longer necessary with the use of the Maplewood Accounts Application. The Accounts application is integrated with the Administration system, and once set up, is a fast and easy application. This seminar will cover the Initial Set up required for transactions and will then move to recording charges, payments and adjustments for students. Finally, the predefined reports, which are available for generation through Maplewood, are explored. Specific topics include: Taxes, Fee Types, Payment Types, Payment Periods, Terms of Agreement, Recurring Charges, Assigning Fees, Account Bill, Receipt, Customer Aged Accounts, Overdue Accounts and Invoices.

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