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Maplewood offers a full range of skills enhancement seminars designed to assist participants as they complete their own Maplewood Education.


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Reporting Seminars

Report Building - MWBRBI

Recommended Participants:
All Elementary and Secondary Maplewood Users
Duration: Half Day
Level: Intermediate

Entering student data is one integral component; however, the ability to extract information from the database, now that's power! In the day-to-day operation of a school, the ability to effectively generate reports is a crucial skill that all Maplewood users should process. In just half a day, participants will be exposed to the gamut of reporting utilities available within Maplewood. From the simple pre-defined reports through to the limitless custom report generator, this fast paced, exercise intense seminar is a must attend. Topics to be addressed include: Print Lists, Inquiry, Sort and Report Builder (Demonstration and Tips/Tricks).

Pre-Defined Reporting within Maplewood - MWBPDI

Recommended Participants:
All Elementary and Secondary Maplewood Users
Duration: Half Day
Level: Intermediate

This seminar is divided into two parts: Pre-Defined reports and Custom Reports. The focus of the seminar is on the Print Lists and the ease of extracting information from the system. Participants will leave the seminar with a comprehensive understanding of where and how best to extract information and reports from the Maplewood system. Specific topics include: Print Timetables, Print Notepads, Print Report Cards, Print Markbook, Print Statistical Analysis, Print Transcripts, Print Exam information, Print Staff Lists and an introduction to Report Builder.

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