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Maplewood's SIS is a truly Canadian product developed to satisfy the unique needs of Canadian schools.

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  You Can Count on MaplewoodCanadian schools need a trusted partner who understands Canada's people, processes, culture, and the enormous opportunity and challenge associated with the changing landscape in education. Maplewood's integrated student record management system is built on over 30 years of progressive development from school administrator feedback across Canada. Maplewood's SIS is the foundation for a Student Centered Service that enables success for all students by supporting Student, Teacher, and Learning relationships.

Working with provincial Ministries and Integration Partners, Maplewood can satisfy the rapidly changing Provincial reporting requirements and new Canadian assessment practices, as well as the integration of progressive social media and emerging collaboration tools to meet the changing needs and expectations of education community.

Maplewood's SIS is a truly Canadian product developed to satisfy the unique needs of Canadian schools - it is written in Canada, all research, development, marketing, sales, and support is performed by residents of Canada. The customization efforts to deliver a SIS tailored for each jurisdiction (province) requires significant, focused effort, and by concentrating on a limited number of jurisdictions, Maplewood is able to deliver a quality product that seamlessly meets all of the needs of schools in the provinces where we have schools.

Maplewood's staff combines expertise in both school administration and computer systems design to ensure that its systems are in keeping with the real needs of educators. Maplewood understands what is needed to run a school efficiently. Maplewood knows that schools are the key component to the collection of accurate and timely data. Data is critical for analyzing student success, and improving learning. Maplewood continues to keep the end-users in mind, so that they can easily and efficiently report data, and maximize available time for meeting the students' needs.

With more than half of the Maplewood clients now opting for Maplewood's data hosting service, managing over a thousand schools in Maplewood's private cloud clearly proves our competency in protecting your confidential data, managing servers and software updates.

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30 years of progressive integrated student record management development.
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