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Electronic Transcript Management System (eTMS)

Easy and Secure Management of Transcript Requests

eTMS Makes it Easy! 

Visit the OCAS website for more information:


View a short video to learn more about eTMS and how it helps students and administrative staff. 

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  Edsby cloud based learning platform Edsby Partnership

Edsby is a cloud-based social learning platform that enables private schools and school districts to transform how their teachers, students and parents engage with each other.

Edsby makes things easy for teachers and school administrators by integrating with your Maplewood system through Maplewood Web Services to ensure Edsby always has the latest view of students, teachers, parents, classes, timetables, and enrollments.
  Edsby's integration with Maplewood also enables reporting period data such as grades, attendance, learning skills and comments to flow from Edsby to Maplewood for the generation of report cards and for ministry-related data reporting.

Maplewood continues to lead development and deployment of Alberta's PASI initiative.

Alberta Education  The Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI) is an initiative by Alberta's Ministry of Education to provide a mechanism for real-time data exchange, used to ease the process of data submission to the province. Read More

Maplewood Computing Ltd. and Leadership Services Inc. partner in Alberta on an integrated IPP solution!

Leadership Services Team We are very pleased to announce the new partnership that we on the Leadership Services Team have recently engaged in with the team from Maplewood Computing Ltd. As articulated by Dave Minshall, President & CEO, Maplewood Computing Ltd. in a message to all Alberta based Maplewood customers following the May 2009 MW user Conference in Edmonton:

"Our primary objective to bring an effective, tightly integrated solution to our clients in a timely fashion. We have been very successful in this endeavour with our own system, including all aspects of our student information system, and extending to our library automation system. Ideally, integrated systems include a common technical infrastructure to ensure seamless integration and a simple, familiar interface which can improve the user experience and reduce training requirements.

With these factors in mind, we are pleased to communicate that Maplewood Computing Ltd. and Leadership Services Inc. have agreed to enter into a unique partnership arrangement to implement a fully integrated Individual Program Plan software solution for Alberta available exclusively to Maplewood clients. A strong partnership with the Leadership Services Team will translate into reduced implementation times and costs."

We are very pleased with this new Maplewood partnership and are looking forward to the increased integration that this will bring to all Maplewood Computing & Leadership Services Team customers.

Darryl Denyes, Team Leader & CEO

What Maplewood Offers You

Our system is built on over 30 years of progressive development from school administrator feedback across Canada
Learn about Maplewood's Involvement with Alberta's PASI Initiative

Maplewood leads in the development and deployment of PASI Alberta initiative.
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